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Incident Response Consultancy

We provide as services any task involved in common incident response process. We are skilled in network and machine forensics as well as malware analysis. Contact us for more details about what we can do for you.

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We strongly believe that your security matury won't reach its best only relying on security products provided by the well known security vendors. At a moment you will need a tailored solution for your needs and this is where we can help you with our expertise.

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R&D and Open Source

If you have any ideas about inovative IT Security projects and you don't want to go for a private development, we can collaborate together and develop it as an Open Source project.

If you think we can provide you the service you are expecting, do not hesitate to contact us.


If you like our tools and projects, let us know so that we keep being creative.


We are a small company of passionate based in Luxembourg. We love IT security and we do our best to make our collaborators satisfied. Our objective is to share our experience with whoever is interested. We foster the KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupide - way of thinking and thus we provide to our customers the solutions they are expecting with efficiency.

If you share these values and you have a specific IT Security need, you should definitely contact us .

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For any information feel free to write us in English or French.

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